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J.P.'s Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 13 - Audio interface upgrade!

  Happy New Year! This article was supposed to be published before Christmas, but it slipped my mind... - It's December, it's the season of giving, and my audio interface decided to give me problems. Lovely. Over the last few months, my main audio interface - a PreSonus AudioBox iOne - started to show some signs of fatigue. It started by cutting out the first half-a-second of any sound played after it was silent for more than a few minutes. Then, the mic preamp started to not be as loud as it was originally, to the point where I have to max out the gain for my condenser mic to be loud enough to be heard. Finally, it sometimes decides to just not be detected when plugged in. All these issues started to get me slightly irritated, so I started to look for a potential replacement. The idea was not to buy one ASAP, but you know...  sales happened . Out with the old: PreSonus AudioBox iOne The interface I was using until December 1st, 2023 was purchased over five years ago, in Septem