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J.P.'s Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 12 - Gear I tried and didn't buy (yet)

  Life has been hectic lately (as usual), and I don't really have the time to properly deep-dive in a piece of gear and record a full demo. Since I didn't publish anything in a while, let's go with something simple, for a change: Gear I Tried And Didn't Buy (Yet)™. Without further ado, let's dive right in! Electro-Harmonix Micro POG The POG, or Polyphonic Octave Generator is one of the best octave generator available on the market. It does sub octave and octave up simultaneously, and it does it really well. The original POG pedal was discontinued in 2009 and replaced by the POG2 that offer the same level of control. The POG and POG2 offer 2 extra octaves in either direction, along with a detune, a low-pass filter, and an attack control. The Micro POG is the smaller brother that offers only one sub octave and one octave up, along with the dry signal level. It's pretty bare-bones and simple to work with, having only 3 knobs. I tested it on bass and it sounds great