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JP's Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 3.9 - Little Bear G3 "new" tube audio demo!

  My dumb gym injury finally healed and I finally got around to make the audio demos with the "new" 6N2P-EV tube. It took a bit more time than I expected since I decided to be all fancy and properly edit it. My video edition skills are a bit rusty and Pinnacle Studio v24 was a pain in the rear-end and kept crashing on me for absolutely no reason, so the edits are simple and the overall quality is average at best.  I recorded the videos in "Director View" mode. You'll see the amp and the pedal in full screen, and  my left side with the instrument inserted in the bottom right corner. Director View also limits the resolution to Full HD instead of 4K, so no super duper extra high definition this time.

JP's Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 3.5 - Little Bear G3 tube upgrade!

  (Editor's note: due to a ridiculously dumb ribcage injury that occurred at the gym a few days ago preventing me to hold an instrument for more than 2 minutes, there will not be any audio demo of the upgraded tube just yet. There will be a separate post with them later on, once the pain level is tolerable.) In the previous episode , I mentioned wanting to get a replacement 6N2 tube to get the maximum amount of overdrive possible and retain the intended design of the pedal. I ended up doing just that over the weekend, and I received it yesterday! The good people at The Tube Store  have some Voskhod 6N2P-EB tubes for about 21$CAD a piece, and I ordered one along with some 7189 power tubes for the Bassbreaker. What's a 6N2P-EB? The 6N2P (Russian: 6H2П) is miniature, 9-pin, dual triodes tube which is compatible to the 6AX7 tubes used outside of the Soviet bloc. It uses a filament voltage of 6.3V at 0.3 amperes, and is very similar to its cousin, the 12AX7, however the latter uses

JP's Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 3 - Little Bear G3: A tube-based overdrive for 65$! Is it any good?

  Shortly after my latest purchases (that I still have to review), I fell into a Google Search rabbit hole of pedals that use a vacuum tube. The Blackbird, the AMT SS-20, the Ashdown Engineering Original Valve Pre-DI, and the Behringer VT999 were commonly discussed and I considered getting one of these, but quickly changed my mind. The first 3 are outrageously expensive (760$ for the Original Valve Pre-DI...) and the Behringer is difficult to find. The used ones go for roughly the same price as a new one, and it's not really worth it. However, another model showed up in the form of an eBay listing: Nobsound Little Bear G3 . It looks completely unassuming and very different than your typical pedal. It sells for about 65$CAD on eBay and has generally positive reviews. For the price, why not? I ordered it on the 23rd of August, and received it in my mailbox this afternoon. Unboxing Unboxing was uneventful. It was well packaged it lots of foam, and the tube was already installed. A 12V