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J.P.'s Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 10 - JHS and Electro-Harmonix collaboration: Lizard Queen

  What do you get when two pedal nerds decide to LARP working for Electro-Harmonix under Mike Matthews in 1975, the heyday of the "big box" EHX pedals, and they come up with a new circuit? You get this: the Lizard Queen Octave/Distortion pedal. It's a simple but effective design that truly encompasses everything Electro-Harmonix was about in the mid-1970's. The backstory Sometime in 2021, Josh Scott, from JHS Pedals, and Daniel Danger, graphics designer and "Electro-Harmonix Archivist", wanted to know what it would be like to work under Mike Matthews in 1975. They then decided to design a circuit that EHX would have produced back then using the processes and parts that were available at the time. It also had to be in a big box enclosure like all other EHX pedals of the era, because why not: they look cool and they make a statement! Over the course of the following year, they hand-built 6 "big box" units and gave one to the man himself,  Our Lord An