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A COVID diary - Part deux

  This is the second (and hopefully final) part of my COVID diary. It went a lot better than I had hoped for and I'm quite surprised at how fast I came around. I am now 14 days post-diagnosis: the symptoms are practically gone and I've been testing negative for at least 2 days. T+7 to T+10 - Sunday, January 19th to Wednesday, February 1st These four days were honestly quite a blur. I don't remember much, except that I spent a few hours working each day and many hours napping in the afternoon. The main symptom I had left, beside the loss of taste and smell, was the extreme exhaustion that set in after only a few hours. Since I spend at least three hours on the phone every morning, I often ended up out of breath after one hour talking. That made for interesting days. I somehow developed a toothache, but I'm not sure if it's COVID-related. Maybe I'm grinding my teeth too much... Smell and taste are slowly coming back, but I'd say they're still below 70% of