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JP's Gear Review v2.0 - Ep.4 - The Bassbreaker Saga

  A few months ago, I purchased a new guitar and an amp to go with it. What originally started as a simple transaction suddenly became disappointing, unsatisfying, and filled with buyer's remorse. Here's what is now know as The Bassbreaker Saga™. Big shout-out to Katherine and St├ęphane from Long & McQuade in Longueuil for their continued support in trying to get the Bassbreaker up to par, and finally exchanging it for something that will hopefully be better. Thanks a lot, it's very much appreciated! What is the Bassbreaker? The Fender Bassbreaker 15 is an all-tube(ish) amp introduced in 2016 to rather unfavorable reviews. Plagued with issues from the get-go and Fender barely acknowledging any of them, it was not off to a great start. Hopefully they fixed most of the issues in the last 6 years, right? Right... To understand where this amplifier comes from, we have go back to the early 60's. Fender's most popular amp at the time was the Bassman. However, this part