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J.P.'s Gear Review v2.0 - Ep. 8 - Gallien-Krueger Plex bass preamp (part one)

  Guess who has two thumbs and managed to get sick on his last day of Christmas Holidays vacation? That would be me. The review I wanted to write and record for January got delayed until I could spend more than five minutes without sneezing and my voice doesn't sound like a wet accordion smoking four packs a day. Once that got better, I promptly managed to get  the Spicy Cough COVID, which meant no review for February either... Editor's Note: There's no audio demo or pictures (yet) since the unit was sent for repair due to a ground issue with the input jack. I'll make a "part two" once it's back. The Plex I've been on the lookout for a proper bass preamp for quite some time. I have an EQ and a compressor pedal, but I wanted something that would give me more voicing options. My bass teacher uses a Darkglass B7K Microtubes and it sounds awesome, however its price tag isn't... At about 650$CAD, it doesn't come cheap, so I decided to shop around